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Historical Background of MAZEL M.H. Mazurkiewicz  registered partnership

The business activity was commenced on 22 October 1987.  This is the date of the firm’s registration in the Guild for Various Crafts under the name of "Electrical Systems Enterprise Henryk Mazurkiewicz”.  Initially the firm employed five wiremen and was involved in the execution of electrical systems. The first orderers were the following: Universum Cooperative, Prefabet, State-Owned Cereal Enterprises, for which electrical systems were executed in grinding mills, granaries, elevators within the territory of the former Zielonogórskie Voivodship.

In 1991 the firm was transformed. It was registered as an economic subject under the name of „Mazel Multi-Branch Enterprise”. In that period the activity was extended. The group of orderers was joined by the Power Plants for which the firm executed rather small electricity connection points and was responsible for the maintenance of low voltage power systems.  Also, the activity connected with the fitting of electrical systems for multi-family construction industry and public utility facilities was begun.  The year 1991 was closed with the turnover of 8 500 000 000.00 zloty (i.e. 850 000.00 after having taken denomination into consideration). That was the beginning of constant development which lasted till 2001.

In the period between the years 1991 and 2001 the firm established further contacts resulting in more orders. The cooperation with general construction firms was started (Alpo), with Industrial Plants (Rockwool and Kronopol), with military structures (Military Regional Management of Accomodation and Construction in Zielona Góra, Military Administration of Barracks in the territory of the voivodship). In that period we managed to win regular orderers which guaranteed continuity of orders. In that period of activity the firm increased employment to about 40 people. The turnover also pointed to the quick development. In 1998 the turnover was 8 900 000.00 zloty.

A breakthrough year for the firm’s activity was the year 1993. The owners, having considered the firm’s development and very good future prospects, decided to change the seat of the firm. The existing seat functioning as a small office was changed for a considerably larger one located in Zielona Góra at Piaskowa Street. This change of the seat allowed, indispensable already at that time, employing people fulfilling administrative and accounting functions, who could provide services for the constantly developing electrical systems execution.

The year 2001 brought the dawn of recession in the construction industry on the domestic market, and that was reflected in the fall in the turnover to the amount of 6 300 000.00. However, the most difficult time for the firm’s activity turned out to be the year 2002. A breakdown of the market resulted in the decrease in the number of orders. Many firms involved in the electric power industry were liquidated.  For the owners of the Mazel firm that was also a difficult time during which they decided to transform the firm into a partnership and extend its activity by exporting services to the eastern markets. The first group of workers were sent to Russia at the end of the year in order to provide electric power services at the construction of a plant in response to the order placed by Krono group. The determination and activity of the owners made it possible to retain the whole staff employed despite the fact that the annual turnover dropped to the amount of 4 000 000.00 zloty.

The decision relating to the export as well as signing of the contract on electric power works at the building site of the BDN plant was the beginning of the firm’s next stage of development. The turnover in the year 2003 amounted to 7 600 000.00 zloty.

The period of activity between the years 2003 – 2006 was highly significant for the firm. The owners, noticing a bright prospect for the firm within the scope of electric power services provision for industry and power plants, took a decision on changing the firm’s structure and adjusting it to the new market demands.   The quality system named ISO 9001:2001 was implemented. For the purpose of the services provided for military structures, a Confidential Office was established. Thanks to the new implementations and professionalism of the provided services, the firm was granted the Recommendation of the Ministry of National Defence.

At that time the personnel of young engineers were gradually being employed who were involved in preparing a complex offer for potential orderers. The managers in charge of building sites learnt new standards and quality of the provided service. The experience gained in the years 2001 – 2002 resulted in the commencement of the market analysis and evaluation of risks that might occur. Professionalism shown by the firm’s employees resulted in the increase in the employment on the eastern markets, as well as in winning a great number of orders in the industrial sector. In 2004 the backup in the form of a little workshop also appeared where low current construction and sub-distribution switching stations 0.4kV were made for the purpose of the investments being carried out.Also, some form of supply service appeared which was provided for the constructions being carried out.

The year 2006 closed with the turnover amounting to 21 000 000.00 zloty with the employment of over 70 people.

The experience gained within the many years of the firm’s activity, as well as the contacts started thanks to the reliability and workmanship of the firm's employees resulted in the fact that 2007 showed very good dynamics of the firm's development. The contacts with important investors made on the eastern markets resulted in the provision of electric power services in the territory of the European Union states, as well as outside it. The extension of the firm’s activity in the industrial sector within the scope of electric power systems resulted in the commencement of close cooperation with the Power Plants as regards designing and construction of power infrastructure for the currently forming industrial zones. Mazel performed such works in the territory of the economic activity zone in Zielona Góra and  Kostrzyńsko-Słubicka Special Economic Zone in Nowa Sól. These works gave rise to the development of the design department in the firm. The designs for the general, power construction and for military facilities were performed.

The year 2007 closed with the turnover amounting to 27 000 000.00 zloty with the employment of over 120 people.

The owners of the firm have noticed more and more frequently occurring limitations connected with the location of the firm as regards logistic and environmental respects.  The location in the centre of the city turns out to be unsuitable for the company which is constantly developing. Also, constantly rising market demands have resulted in the decision on developing the design, automatics departments, the workshop and the supply department. It is necessary for the achievement of full complexity of customer service.
Having considered the abovementioned facts and factors, in 2008 the owners took a decision to purchase land for building a new seat of the firm. Also, the works connected with preparing a new firm's structure corresponding to the new development vision are being started.



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