Electrical power engineering

MV and LV elec tric power supplies

  • installation and start-up of transformer stations,
  • installation of MV and LV cable connectors,
  • modernisation, overhaul and operation of MV and LV stations and switchrooms as regards power equipment,
  • installation of conduit systems,
  • location and repair of damages to cable lines,
  • installation of cable joint boxes and cable heads on MV and LV cables.

Inspection and operation

  • within the scope of maintenance of MV and LV electrical systems, networks and equipment,
  • with regard to round-the-clock support, maintenance, running repairs and control and measurement of the following electric power equipment, systems and networks generating, transmitting, processing and consuming electric power, i.e.:

    - electric power equipment, systems and networks,
    - generator sets,
    - electroheat equipment,
    - electrical street lighting networks.

Energetyka zawodowa



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