Produkcja z systemem MES

MES system and production management

Production optimization is often key in the company’s development process. Why are proper management systems important in the production area and how does Mazel help companies deal with this topic?

We serve large companies and investments, providing clients with comprehensive services in the field of electrical installations, industrial automation and professional power engineering. The experience gained over the years has helped us strengthen our team of professionals and gain knowledge in areas that are currently important from the point of view of the development of many companies. Industrial automation, robotics and production improvement are topics that currently affect the imagination of many managers in the industry, and for Mazel are an area indicating new directions in which we feel very good.

Mazel services include the implementation of systems supporting industrial automation

The importance of production optimization is evidenced by more frequent purchases of relevant management systems by companies, for example ERP systems or MES production management systems, dedicated especially to manufacturing companies. Thanks to such tools and modern technologies, the production company can reduce the number of shortages and errors, improve the continuity of work and use of available resources, and above all support the entire management process. Such systems are currently combined with industrial automation technologies. Our employees implement MES production management systems and also program KUKA and FANUC robots.

What is MES and why is it worth having in a production company?

Production efficiency and monitoring? It’s possible with the MES system. It’s a Production Implementation System, in which IT solutions are combined with elements of automation and used to monitor production processes. As a result, the system obtains relevant information and the user can read data in real time and react to various events on ongoing basis. It also enables taking specific and best decisions from the point of view of production in the plant.

Using the MES production management system, the production manager is able to plan orders to increase work efficiency, reduce its time and costs, eliminate errors and downtime or increase machine productivity. All activities are directed towards improving the quality of production and as a result of final products.

The system can be adapted to the specifics of any enterprise, and the modern, open and layered architecture allows its integration with the company structure and the solutions used in it on the side of HMI / SCADA control systems and the business area. In each case, the Mazel team programs the drivers and implements SCADA and HMI systems in the ZENON, WinCC Flexible, Wonderware InTouch, Freelance and Indusoft standard.

If you want to learn more about Mazel’s possibilities in the field of industrial automation or electrical installations, we encourage you to contact us.