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Positive recommendation for the management system of Mazel S.A.

mazel certyfikat jakości

We are pleased to inform you that based on the recommendation of the leading auditor and audit documentation in June, the Certification Systems Management Unit TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH states that the management system of the company MAZEL S.A. complies with the requirements of the SCC ** standard, ed. , 2011. This means that the…

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We have received a license from the certified CobiNet TopLink installer

The CobiNet company confirmed our qualifications and handed us the Certificate, which is valid for two years. Thank you for your trust!

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Mazel employees after hours. Bicycle activity

Pracownicy Mazel po godzinach rower

How do employees of our company rest after hours? They’re certainly very active! Meet Marcin, who has traveled the distance of almost 50 km by bike.

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Mazel at the Food Truck Fest in Nowa Sól

Mazel podczas Food Truck Fest w Nowej Soli

The weekend at the beginning of May, which took place in Nowa Sól, was filled with good food and excellent fun. We were there as well and it was a success!

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We have signed an agreement with Siemens

Mazel inicjatywa Nowa Praca

On March 27, we signed an agreement with Siemens, which aims to promote both our companies and enocurages cooperation between them.

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MAZEL at the job fair in Nowa Sól

Mazel na IV Nowosolskich Targach Pracy i Edukacji

On March 20, the 4th Fair of Labor and Education in Nowa Sól took place. In the Sports Hall of CKZiU “Electrician”, nearly 50 companies from the region met.

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MAZEL at the 5th International Congress of Family Companies

mazel v międzynarodowy kongres firm rodzinnych

Mazel’s owners participated in the fifth edition of the International Congress of Family Companies, which took place on March 19-20 in Poznań.

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Robotization of production sites. Should we be afraid?

Robotyzacja stanowisk produkcyjnych Mazel

New technologies are developing at a stunning pace. In the coming years, there will be a growing number of devices that will automate many areas of our lives. Also in the industrial sphere. Is this a threat to employees?

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Mazel participates in the Nowa Praca initiative

Mazel inicjatywa Nowa Praca

Nowa Praca is a project conducted by several enterprises from the economic zone in Nowa Sól, Poland. Mazel is one of them.

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30th anniversary full of attractions

30-lecie Mazel

On the first weekend of September, Mazel’s employees had fun together at a picnic organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company’s existence. It was full of laughter, loud conversations, games and attractions for entire families.

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Mazel employees with benefits

mazel pracownicy benefit

Physical activity is very popular lately and it should be as it eliminates the effects of stress and improves mood. We hope that this form of spending free time will bring joy to our employees, for whom we have prepared MultiSport cards.

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