mazel szkolenie uprawnienia elektroenergetyczne

Electricians and heating engineers after training

During a closed training, our employees renewed their power licenses. Additional courses and consolidation of employees’ knowledge is an important point in the development of our company.

The training that took place in our company concerned the updating of theoretical knowledge about control and measurement works as well as heat networks (in this case, two employees needed such permits). Participants also discussed the subject of network systems in electrical devices and occupational health and safety regulations applied to external works. Mazel places great emphasis on qualified staff and training of employees. These types of courses are carried out every five years. This is a requirement for company that works for the benefit of its consumers.

The trainer was Tomasz Garstka, representing the Association of Engineers Technicians of Polish Mechanics in Gliwice. Many large companies, including Tauron, PGE, and Instytut Lotnictwa have already benefited from this type of training.

Why are these trainings important?

Strengthening the skills learned earlier, extending qualifications or learning new knowledge is just a fraction of the possibilities offered by trainings conducted in the company. First and foremost, electricians could benefit from several types of allowances. They prolonged or got new SEP G1, G2 permissions. Mazel employees themselves emphasize that such training is very necessary and important in their professions.