Mazel inicjatywa Nowa Praca

Mazel participates in the Nowa Praca initiative

Nowa Praca is a project conducted by several enterprises from the economic zone in Nowa Sól, Poland. Mazel is one of them.

Thanks to cooperation of the OPZL organization with several enterprises, including Mazel, a special information website was created. The website presents news from the region of Nowa Sól and Lubuskie Voivodeship. Why Nowa Sól? The city and the economic zone are developing dynamically. Thanks to the website, everybody knows what is happening in the region and on the labor market.

Who is the Nowa Praca website targeted at?

OPZL, thanks to its experience in running business initiatives, wants to create an economic organism, that builds cooperation between companies in the area inhabited by nearly 5 million people. The website is aimed at employees of companies in the zone, residents of the region as well as Poles living outside the country.

The website presents the companies participating in the project, what is currently happening in the region and what is being conducted in the recruitment zone. We encourage you to visit the portal and check valid job offers at Mazel.