szkolenia w Mazel Lubuski Bon Rozwojowy

Mazel participates in the Regional Development Agency programs

Mazel employees will participate in two training programs. This is the result of co-financing projects from the Regional Development Agency. The trainings will last until June.

Mazel will host a series of trainings dedicated to entrepreneurs and their employees. This is the result of obtaining funding from the ARR as part of the „Lubuskie Bony Rozwojowe in the Zielona Góra subregion”. Within four months, Mazel employees will participate in two thematic trainings: „Strategic leadership and change management program for the managerial staff”, which was divided into 8 sessions and „Program for increasing operational efficiency for employees of MAZEL SA”, during which 7 thematic meetings will take place.

Each session is a three-hour training course, which will include group workshops and individual coaching sessions. It is a great way to learn and exchange experiences between participants. The first program will last until June, while the second one will end in May.

szkolenia Mazel kartki pomysłów

What will the training concern?

The first training will focus on raising knowledge in the field of team management and leadership. The training is intended for the managerial staff, and the thematic scope will refer to strategic planning, cascading and the process of operationalization of strategic goals, building vision and mission of the organization, motivating employees and building effective teams, leading them and managing change and innovation. The aim of the training is to raise social competences in the field of communication and building good relationships with other people.

The second training will lead to the improvement of knowledge in the theory, principles and practices as well as techniques related to increasing the efficiency, planning and work organizing. The series of meetings will be attended by the managers of individual departments: Marek Kopeć, Jacek Czyżewski, Piotr Sawicki, Mirosław Drzewucki, Marcin Will, Paweł Kula, and Łukasz Foryś. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with effective processes, tools, necessary inspiration and motivation to achieve tangible results.

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Our company places great emphasis on employee development. Program training is a great way to broaden our employees’ skills and acquire new ones. Sessions will be run by a business trainer, certified LMI coach and entrepreneur, Robert Głowacki.