mazel v międzynarodowy kongres firm rodzinnych

MAZEL at the 5th International Congress of Family Companies

Mazel’s owners participated in the fifth edition of the International Congress of Family Companies, which took place on March 19-20 in Poznań.

Every year, in Poznań, special meetings of family businesses take place. They are organized by the Family Business Institute. On 19 and 20 March representatives of family businesses from all over Poland and abroad came to the event. Mazel was represented by the owners – Mr Henryk and Mirosława Mazurkiewicz and Mrs Katarzyna Chrzanowska, Member of the Board.

mazel na kongresie rodzinnym

The theme of this year’s Congress was the power of the family tree – the strength of business-family relationships. The invited speakers and participants talked about the power of values being the basis for creating mechanisms of the family order to ensure the longevity of family businesses.

The International Congress of Family Companies is an event where participants take part in lectures and workshops. On their own example, they try to show and convince that the name of the owner stands behind the good name of the company, its longevity and valuable decisions that favor development and have an impact on improving the economic results of family business. During the congress, business owners share their experience in functioning, management and promotion.

Photos: Wojciech Jączyński