Mazel na IV Nowosolskich Targach Pracy i Edukacji

MAZEL at the job fair in Nowa Sól

On March 20, the 4th Fair of Labor and Education in Nowa Sól took place. In the Sports Hall of CKZiU „Electrician”, nearly 50 companies from the region met.

The job fair in Nowa Sól was an ideal opportunity to present the majority of companies from the region and the zone, as well as upper-secondary schools, universities and institutions of the Nowa Sól poviat. This is the event our company couldn’t miss. The fair took place on March 20, 2018 in the Sports Hall of CKZiU „Electrician”. Nearly 50 companies from the region took part in it.

At our booth all guests could get the latest information about current job offers in Mazel. It was also an opportunity to talk to us on various topics, including how our company develops. We gave away gadgets, leaflets and many smiles. We hope that this will translate into applications for free positions in our company. Offers are also available on our website, in the Career tab.

We like events where you can meet ambitious young people and potential candidates and talk about the situation on the labor market, especially in Nowa Sól. We’re glad that the city is growing, and with it regional companies, including Mazel grow as well.