Mazel podczas Food Truck Fest w Nowej Soli

Mazel at the Food Truck Fest in Nowa Sól

The weekend at the beginning of May, which took place in Nowa Sól, was filled with good food and excellent fun. We were there as well and it was a success!

Together with four other companies from the industrial zone, we came to the street food festival Food Truck Fest and created a special sector for the Nowa Praca initiative. There were deckchairs, puffs, coffee and fresh lemonade. At the stand, we waited for guests who could talk to us about job offers, company development or just exchange a few sentences.

Do you want lemonade? Complete the survey!

There were no surprises or contests. Students from schools in Nowa Sól prepared lemonade and gave it away in exchange for a filled in questionnaire. The questions were not easy. For example, „What’s in the Mazel’s company logo” or „What is the address of Mazel’s headquarters in Nowa Sól”. There were also technical questions. All to engage the participants of the picnic. Of course, they could use the Internet to find the answers. Small prizes, gadgets and vouchers for foodtruck dishes were waiting for those who responded best.

Mazel podczas Food Truck Fest w Nowej Soli

More than work

These types of meetings are an extraordinary opportunity to for us to share insights on the functioning of the company, talk about working conditions and benefits. This builds a good atmosphere and trust in what we do. After all, work isn’t everything, as the commitment of our company and other companies on the Nowa Praca initiative showed.

Mazel podczas Food Truck Fest w Nowej Soli

Thank you for the time spent together!