Kolejne szkolenie SEP w Mazel

Another Mazel training for SEP energy licenses

Another training took place in our company. On April 27, our employees participated in the course for energy licenses SEP G1, G2, G3.

On April 27, training for employees of our company took place, allowing them to obtain the energy licenses of SEP G1, G2, G3. The training concerns energy licenses intended for staff responsible for operation or supervision of equipment, installations and networks – power (G1), heat (G2), gas (G3).

Mazel szkolenie

Training is an important element of the company’s development

The course was completed with the state examination of Exploitation and Maintenance. After the exam, the participants received a qualification certificate.

Mazel places great emphasis on qualified staff and training of employees. This is another training within SEP’s energy powers over several months. Additional courses and reinforcing the knowledge of our employees is a key point in the process of our development.