Pracownicy Mazel po godzinach rower

Mazel employees after hours. Bicycle activity

How do employees of our company rest after hours? They’re certainly very active!

May, an afternoon drive, almost 50 km. That’s the distance Marcin Will, head of the Distribution Prefabrication Department, covered. He shares with us his score and encourages to be active after working hours!

Calm pace, but not without surprises

The route was certainly not easy. At a distance of 49.46 km, Marcin rode at the maximum altitude of 236 m above sea level, he drove 1268 m upwards. An uneven and tough surface was also an obstacle. However, this did not prevent our daredevil to overcome the entire distance from Zielona Góra to Nowa Sól, where the Mazel plant is located, within 2 hours. Bravo!

Trasa rowerowa z Zielonej Góry do Nowej Soli

Thank you Marcin for sharing your accomplishment. Although it was a „test” of the access route to work, it deserves recognition.

We encourage other employees to share their passions after work as well!