Teletechnical installations increasing security

CCTV monitoring is a solution that is designed to improve the security of a specific area. It is installed in the buildings of public institutions, banks, but also on private properties and companies.

CCTV type teletechnical installations (short for Closed-Circuit TeleVision) are now increasingly used. Their main task is to record the image in a specific area in order to improve its security. It can be a school, bank, airport, large industrial plants, building complexes, private homes and even whole cities. This solution helps in recognising faces, people’s identities and can even be used to accurately reproduce the course of events.

Monitoring systems in larger buildings, halls or airports can also be used to analyze the possible course of a terrorist attack, identify people and react in the future. They constitute a very important element of the security system, which is part of the wider concept of industrial automation. As part of our service we offer installation of CCTV monitoring and security networks.

Towns are more and more eager to use this type of vision system. Monitoring of streets, housing estates, parks or other public utilities contributes to reducing crime. A safe city is a signal for residents that people responsible for management care for their comfort of life. Thanks to monitoring, municipal services can react faster and more quickly to specific events.

 CCTV teletechnical installations increase security

Institutions, companies and individuals who decide on this type of teletechnical installation greatly increase their security. According to statistics, the effectiveness of supervision in CCTV systems is very high. In places where the density of cameras is high, crime is almost half lower, compared to places where such a system is not used.

However, CCTV systems are not used only to monitor the property against possible attacks by criminals. Telecom installations are conducive to safety in production halls in large plants. By using such solutions, enterprises are able to detect any irregularities in the operation of the line threatening the danger. Thus, they increase the safety of employees themselves.

What is worth paying attention to when choosing the installation?

A low investment price can not be the main criterion when choosing an installation. Whoever thinks about building a monitoring network by lowering costs must consider additional costs of frequent damage and repairs of such equipment. It is worth betting on proven producers and companies. An indulgent approach to the topic may result in network failures, which in consequence may lead to burglaries, losses or even production downtime.

When thinking about security installations and CCTV monitoring, it is worth using the services of a competent and experienced team of people who uses the right technology. At Mazel, you can also count on participation in the start-up of a specific installation, optimization of its operation, as well as verification of the correctness of parameters.