Training and integration meeting in Niesulice

Between 14 and 16 June 2018 in Niesulice, our management crew met to summarize the development program, which lasted four months in our company.

Since March, our management and managerial staff have been trained in two programs, implemented by LMI Polska Sp. z o.o .:

  • development of strategic leadership skills and change management – from March 1 to June 8;
  • increasing the efficiency of operations for employees of Mazel S.A. – from March 2 to June 25.

Both programs were implemented as part of the Lubuskie Bony Rozwojowe, which we acquired thanks to the assistance and support of the Organizacja Pracodawców Ziemi Lubuskiej and the Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego in Zielona Góra.

Training and integration

Completion of such extensive training was a good opportunity to organize a training and integration meeting, which took place in Niesulice in mid-June. Its title was: „Strategy for the implementation of tasks 2018/2019 at home and abroad.” Members of the board and representatives of departments gave their speeches. Katarzyna Chrzanowska summarized the program of increasing the efficiency of operations for Mazel employees. The president of the company, Henryk Mazurkiewicz, discussed strategies for the implementation of tasks for 2018-2020. Then Robert Szymański and Paweł Chrzanowski discussed the implementation of works at home and abroad.

At the end the president of the company handed out certificates, and then there was time for integration. The employees enjoyed tasty grilled dishes in the open air, beautiful views and had a chance to do some excercise together: